Celebrating Anniversaries

Adam & BiancaCarl & DanielleEric & FreyaGabriel & HenriettaIvan and Jessica \begin{aligned} && \text{Adam \& Bianca} \\ && \text{Carl \& Danielle} \\ && \text{Eric \& Freya} \\ && \text{Gabriel \& Henrietta} \\ && \text{Ivan and Jessica} \end{aligned}

Above shows five married couples. On a particular year, it is given that none of the woman have the same birthday (day, not date) as their husband. With the information below, find the day of Henrietta's birthday on that year.

  1. Adam's birthday was two days later than that of the woman married to the man who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday.
  2. Ivan's wife's birthday was the day after that of Carl's.
  3. Freya's birthday was the day before that of her husband.
Image Credit: Flickr Anthony Slusher.

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