Cengage Multicorrect JEE 1

Algebra Level 3

If \(\left| \dfrac{z}{|\bar{z}|}-\bar{z} \right|=1+|z|\), then \(z\) can be:

  • (A) \(2i\)
  • (B) \(-5i\)
  • (C) \(4\)
  • (D) \(-3\)

(z is a complex number. \(i=\sqrt{-1}\))

Enter your answer as a 4 digit string of 1s and 0s - 1 for correct option, 0 for wrong. Eg. 1100 indicates A and B are correct, C and D are incorrect.

The given problem is a modified form of a 'Prove-that' type question in CENGAGE Algebra for JEE Advanced, Subjective question.

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