Challenges in mechanics by Ronak Agarwal (Part 1)

A sphere of radius 1m1m and mass 25Kg25 Kg is put on another sphere of radius 5m5 m and 7Kg7 Kg which is placed on a smooth ground. Now the upper sphere is pushed very slightly from it's equilibrium position and it begins to fall.

Now when the line joining the centre of the 2 spheres makes an angle θ\theta with the vertical the upper sphere loses contact with lower sphere. Then find θ\theta in degrees to 1 decimal place.

Details and assumptions:

1)There is no friciton between the two spheres.

2)Take g=9.8m/s2.g={ 9.8\quad m/s }^{ 2 }.

This problem is original. Also try Solve for Trajectory Again.

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