Challenges in mechanics by Ronak Agarwal (Part 2)

A wedge of mass mm and angle θ\theta is placed on a smooth ground. As shown in the diagram AA is a point on ground. A particle also having mass mm is dropped from a height hh at a horizontal distance xx from AA. It finally touches the ground at point BB. Find 3AB\sqrt { 3 } AB in metres.

Details and Assumptions

1)1)Take m=5Kgm=5Kg, h=22h=2\sqrt { 2 } metre , x=1x=1 metre.

2)2) tan(θ)=12tan(\theta)=\frac { 1 }{ \sqrt { 2 } }

3)3)The collision of the ball with the wedge is elastic and the wedge is free to move

4)4)g=9.8m/s2g=9.8m/{ s }^{ 2 }

Also try Solve for trajectory Again.

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