Challenges in Mechanics by Ronak Agarwal (Part 4)

On a smooth ground a rough sphere of mass m1{m}_{1} and radius r1{r}_{1} is placed. On this big sphere a small sphere of mass m2{m}_{2} and radius r2{r}_{2} is placed right at the top as shown in the figure. The system is in unstable equilibrium. Now the equilibrium is disturbed by giving a slight push to the upper sphere.

Now if the upper sphere makes an angle θ \theta with the vertical when it leaves contact with the lower sphere then cos(θ)=ab \cos(\theta) = \dfrac{a}{b} , find a+ba+b

Details and Assumptions:

1) There is no friction between ground and the lower sphere.Assume sufficient friction between the two sphere's at all times. ( This assumption may seem a little incorrect since one may argue that as normal is tending to zero there must come a point where friction is insufficient for a finite co-efficient of friction, so you can assume infinite co-efficient of friction)

2) m1=5Kg,m2=7Kg,r1=3m,r2=1m,g=10m/s2 {m}_{1} = 5 \text{Kg} , {m}_{2} = 7 \text{Kg}, {r}_{1} = 3 \text{m} , {r}_{2} = 1 \text{m}, g=10 m/{s}^{2}

3) The sphere's are solid spheres.

4) a,ba,b are positive co-prime integers less than 2020.

My series of problem Challenges in Mechanics( although only three problems) got quite famous hence I decided it to extend it. hence the fourth part of this series.

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