Charge Problem

One end of an ammeter is connected to a switch while the other end of ammeter is connected to a spherical shell of radius \(1\) m and the other end of switch is earthed.

A particle with charge \(q\) is placed at a distance of \(10\) m initially on the axis passing through the centre of the shell.

At \(t = 0\) , switch is closed and the charged particle is projected with velocity \(v = 2t + 4\) towards the centre of shell where \(t\) is time in seconds. If the ammeter reads \(1 A\) at \(t = 1\) second then find the value of 6q

Details and Assumptions

\(\bullet \) Both negative and positive values of q are possible as I have not given the direction of current. Give the positive value of 6q


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