'Charging' down the wedge.

An object with charge \(Q\) and mass \(m\) is held at rest on a friction-less inclined inclined plane of angle \(\theta\). There exists a magnetic field \(\vec{B}\) as shown in the figure. Then it is released. Find the distance (in meters) the object travels in \(1\) second.

\(\textbf{Details and Assumptions}\)

  • The inclined plane is sufficiently long.

  • There is no friction, as mentioned above.

  • \(m=1 \ \text{kg}\)

  • \(Q=1 \ \text{C}\)

  • \(B=1 \ \text{T}\)

  • \(g=9.8 \ \text{m} / \text{s}^2\)

  • \(\theta=45^{\text{o}}\)


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