Chemistry feels lonely without Organic!

Chemistry Level 4

An alcohol

  • has 4 carbon and 1 oxygen atoms
  • gives white/colourless in Victor Mayer test.

Here are the sequential reactions carried out on it.


  • Add Cu to it and heat it to 350°C.
  • Then add BX2HX6/HX2OX2/OH \ce{B2H6} / \ce{H2O2} / OH^- .
  • Add PCC to it.
  • Then add isopropyl Magnesium Chloride to it followed by H+ H^+
  • Add P4+Br2 {P}_{4} + {Br}_{2} to it.
  • Now add BrX2(1equivalent),hν \ce{Br2} ( 1 equivalent ) , h\nu
  • Now add NaNHX2(1equivalent) \ce{NaNH2} (1 equivalent) . Consider the stable (major ) product.
  • Add Hypobromous acid to it.
  • Now add aq. KOH (excess ) to it.
  • Now add Methyl Magnesium Iodide to it in the presence of H+H^+ .
  • At last add H+ H^+ to it.

Enter your answer as the Molecular weight of the end product.

Hints and Details

  • Every step of reaction will happen.
  • Consider the major products,
  • End product has a ketonic group.

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