A chemistry problem by Brilliant Member

Chemistry Level 3

Which of these are incorrect?

  1. Sarett reagent is the modified form of collin's reagent because it (collin's reagent) was not suitable for extracting the product formed

  2. Corey' regent is a 1:2:1 complex of chromium tri-oxide+pyridine+HCl .

  3. quinoline is used as a poison in rosenmund reduction.
  4. Clasien condenstion usually results in the formation of \(beta\)-keto-ester .
  5. Meervein-pondrof verley reduction is considered reverse of Jones oxidation.
  6. Indane-1,2,3-trione on hydrogenation gives Hexahydrin.
  7. excess propnone with dry HCl gives Phorone in cold conditions .
  8. fructose on reduction with sodium amalgum yield sorbitol which suggests the open chain structure of fructose .

  9. schiff' base can disturb the equilibrium bewteen open chain and closed ring D-(+)-glucose.

  10. albinism is caused by the deficiency of phenylnline.

Enter your answer as the sum of the statements that are not true. If you think statements 2,3 and 5 are not true, enter your answer as \(2 + 3 + 5 = 10.\)


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