Chemistry Of Hydrogen Peroxide

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How Many Of The Following Statements Are True About Hydrogen Peroxide ?

It Is Used As A Bleaching Agent .

It Is More Acidic Than Water

It Is Obtained By Reaction Of Anhydrous Barium Peroxide And Water .

It Easily Decomposes in comparison To Water And Heavy Water

It Is A Pale Blue (Almost Colorless) Viscous Liquid

It Can Act As Both Oxidizing As Well As Reducing Agent In Both Acidic And Basic Medium .

It Has On Open Book Strucutre

In Hydrogen Peroxide The Two Hydroxyl Groups Lie In The Same Plane

Its Aqueous Solution Has A Bitter Taste .

.Its Dihedral Angle In Gas Phase Is Greater Than Its Dihedral Angle In Crystal Phase

It Can Be Prepared By Auto Reduction Of 2-Ethylanthraquinol


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