Chip Chep Chap

Algebra Level 1

A chap who happened to walk by the street went passed a store that sold chips and cheps. He goes in and finds the store owner at a clearance sale.

The store owner states, "If you solve this problem correctly, you can have the whole building and the items in it for a penny!"

The chap wasn't that optimistic at that moment, but he gave it a try. The store owner then chanted: "See here? I am pointing to my precious collection of chips and cheps. Your problem is to guess how many cheps there are in this collection." The collection was sealed off, so the chap couldn't see the correct amount.

The store owner continued, "I have a total of 24 chips and cheps here in this little box/collection. If I subtract the number of cheps from chips, I get the result of 4. How many cheps are there?"

Now, you answer.

Some very helpful hints:

A chip is a chip. A chep is a chep. A chap is a chap. That means A chap is a chap A chep is a chep And A chip is a chip.


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