Circular Motion #5

A sphere of mass mm, radius r r moves in a circle with constant speed vv, always touching the inner surface of a fixed hollow cylinder with radius R R . The top view of the system is shown. All surfaces are smooth. If the magnitude of the normal reaction (in Newtons) exerted by the cylinder on the sphere is AB\frac{ A } { B } where A A and B B are co-prime positive integers, what is A+B A + B ?

  • m=0.1 kg m = 0.1 \text{ kg}
  • v=1 m s1 v = 1 \text{ m s}^{-1}
  • r=0.1 m r = 0.1 \text{ m}
  • R=1 m R = 1 \text{ m}

This problem is part of the set - Circular Motion Practice


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