Closed Lattice Curve

A section of the city of Tokyo consists of a square grid of city streets, with \(14\) streets running north-south and \(14\) streets running east-west. Godzilla is standing at one of the intersections of the grid. He begins walking along the streets of the grid, destroying everything in his path.

After Godzilla destroys a block, he is unable to walk on the same block again. What is the most number of blocks that Godzilla could have destroyed if he ends his rampage at the same intersection that he started on?

Details and assumptions

A block is the distance between two intersections.

The intersections are not destroyed. Godzilla can destroy the blocks between \( (2,2) \) and \((2,4) \), then go through the intersection of \((2,3) \), for example by walking from \( (1,3) \) to \((3,3)\).


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