Co-ordinating flights

Apparently the three flight terminals in Mathiland are disorganized and supposed to have two planes on the same runway now but that's obviously not going to happen. Your job is to fix to flight disorganization. This file contains a list of the flights and their time of departure in 24 hour time (23:45, 13:59, etc.). You have the option to move the departure times forward or backwards by a maximum of five minutes and the time taken for an airplane to take off and have the runway clear again is 20 minutes. If the runway is occupied 5 minutes before until 5 minutes after the expected takeoff time, the flight will be cancelled.

Given the list, find the maximum number of planes that can take off in that day.


  • We only have one run way.
  • All of these happen in the same day.
Image credit: Wikipedia Terence Ong

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