Cody vs Zi Song

Level 2

As shown in picture , Cody Johnson is hovering in air at the point A(3,2) and Zi Song Yeoh is at the point B(8,1) . Cody should fly to Zi Song in such a way that when his path is drawn with magic pencil (which can draw in air) and the segment showing his displacement is drawn , the complete figure is a square (an example is shown in figure, Path is A-D-C-B) .

In how many ways can Cody go to Zi Song ?

Note :- If you want to know whether Cody is interested in going to Zi Song or not, you should read this problem Bromance <3

Trolling the Troller is BIG fun !

Details :-

\bullet As the path will be square , Cody must move along exactly 3 line segments, without repeating the path.....(Like ABCDABCDABCD won't be a valid path)

\bullet1st1^{st} segment will start from point (3,2). 2nd2^{nd} segment will be perpendicular to 1st1^{st} and 3rd3^{rd} and 3rd3^{rd} will have (8,1) as an endpoint . The displacement segment is segment joining (3,2) and (8,1) .


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