Cody's "Angry LADIES" ! ....not birds....

Classical Mechanics Level 2

Cody (yellow) threw a \(\color{Blue}{\text{Chocolate}}\) horizontally, as shown in the pic with velocity \(10 ms^{-1}\) for the \(\color{Red}{\text{ladies}}\).

The point from where he throws it is \(200 m\) above the ground.

The two buildings in the pic are \(10m\) apart. His chocolate strikes the opposite building (of course the lady doesn't get it) and at the very instant, all ladies close their windows. So his chocolate falls on the ground.

If the chocolate's speed is not affected by the collision with the building, how many times does the chocolate strike the walls of those buildings before it reaches the ground ?

Details and assumptions

Acceleration due to gravity \(g=10 ms^{-2}\)

Cody's chocolate undergoes smooth collisions, it doesn't change the speed by the collision . The only force acting is gravity.

You have to find the number of times chocolate hits the walls , i.e. after those many collisions, before the next one, it will hit the ground.


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