Cody's Awesome Balloons -2

Cody (colored Yellow head) wants to fly up in the sky, so he has tied infinite hot air balloons to each other as shown in the right part of the image (Yeah, he can do that, infinite balloons ) .

The largest balloon is providing him an upward force of 10001000 N. The balloon just above that largest balloon is providing an additional force of 100100 N. The third provides 1010 N, and so on.

If Cody weighs 54.454.4 kg, find with how much acceleration he is going up in the sky.

Details and assumptions:-

\bullet 54.454.4 kg is Cody's mass.

\bullet Acceleration due to gravity g=10m/s2g=10 m/s^2

\bullet Cody is so awesome that he made balloons of really negligible mass.

This problem is a part of the set Cody Mechanics


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