Colliding Rod!

A uniform rod of length \( L = 3\text{ m} \) and Mass \( M = 3.1565 \) is aligned with horizontal direction at an angle \( \theta = 37^\circ \) at a height of \( H = 9.35\text{ m} \) from horizontal. Now it is Released from that position . It collides with the sufficiently rough floor such that just after collision it's vertical velocity reduces to zero. Find the angular velocity (\( \omega\)) of the Rod just after collision .

Details And Assumptions:

  • The ground is sufficiently rough to prevent slipping of contact point.

  • Take \( g = 10\text{ m/s}^2 \).

  • Initial height given is of centre of mass of rod from ground .

Hint: Get answer in variables first and then put data .


This is a part of my set Aniket's Level 5 Challenges in Classical Mechanics

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