Collision At The Centre Of Earth!

A Smooth Tunnel Is Dug Along The Radius Of Earth That Ends At The Centre Of Earth . A Ball Is Released From the surface of earth along the tunnel . coefficient of restitution for collision between soil at the centre and ball is 0.5 . Calculate The Total Distance Travelled By Ball Just Before Second Collision At Centre Of Earth .

Details And Assumptions
You Need To Calculate The Distance travelled by the ball from the instant it is released from the surface of earth to the instant when it collides with the centre of earth second time

The Ball Is Quite Small In Comparison To Earth

The Width Of The Tunnel Is Sufficient For the ball to travel through it smoothly.


Radius Of Earth = 6400 km

Mass Of Earth = 6*10^24 kg

Mass Of Particle = 10 kg

Report The Answer In km(kilometres)


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