Tangle with triangle

Geometry Level 5

Let ΔABC\Delta ABC be a triangle with vertices A, B & CA,~B~\& ~C and D, E & FD,~E~\&~F be the midpoint of sides AB, BC & CAAB,~BC~\&~CA respectively.

If AE = 2.5\color{#69047E}{AE~=~2.5}, CD = 13\color{#EC7300}{CD~=~\sqrt{13}} and BF = 732\color{#20A900}{BF~=~\dfrac{\sqrt{73}}{2}}, and PP be the image(reflection) of point AA about side BCBC.

Then find the area of the quadrilateral ABPC\color{#D61F06}{ABPC}

Note the given picture is not necessarily correct.

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