A Little Weird Competition

Logic Level 4

A, B, C, D, E and F took part in a competition. In this competition, the contestants were either liars either semi-liars. Liars always tell false statements, and semi-liars alternate true and false statements. After the competition has ended each of them classed a different position. Since you haven't seen the competition, you ask each of them what the final results were. From the 36 affirmations below (that is 6 made by each contestant) try to find what place classed each. Each contestant gives it's version of the positions (where each considers himself the winner) in the order from the first place on.

(A) A C D E B F
(B) B D F E C A
(C) C D E F A B
(D) D E F B A C
(E) E B A D F C
(F) F C B A E D

Write your answer by concatenating the values from 1 to 6 for the places each contestant occupied in the order A to F. As an explicit example if player A occupied 1, B occupied 5, C occupied 4, D occupied 3, E occupied 2 and F occupied 6, then your answer in the order from A to F should be 154326.


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