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Find the sum of the above two base-35 numbers in base 35.


For base-35 numbers: \(0=0\), \(1=1\), \(2=2\), ... \(9=9\), \(A=10\), \(B=11\), \(C=12\), ... \(X=33\), \(Y=34\), and \(Z=35\).

For the answer, enter the sum of the decimal values of the base-35 digits. For example:

  • If the sum is \(REALLY\) and \(REALLY=27+14+10+21+21+34=127\), then the answer is \(127\).
  • If the sum is \(45REALLY=4+5+27+14+10+21+21+34=136\), then the answer is \(136\).

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