Cool Multiplications

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A=12×22×32×42×52×62×72×82×92×102A = 1^2 \times 2^2 \times 3^2\times 4^2\times 5^2\times 6^2\times 7^2\times 8^2\times 9^2\times 10^2

B=1!×2!×3!×4!×5!×6!×7!×8!×9!×10!B = 1! \times 2! \times 3!\times 4!\times 5!\times 6!\times 7!\times 8!\times 9!\times 10!

C=A×BC = A\times B

The last three digits of CC are a,b,ca, b, c respectively

What is a×b×ca\times b\times c?


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