Covariance properties 2

Given knowledge of Cov(W,Y) \text{Cov}(W, Y) , Cov(W,Z) \text{Cov}(W, Z) , Cov(X,Y) \text{Cov}(X, Y) , and Cov(X,Z) \text{Cov}(X, Z) , which of the following can necessarily be computed?

I. Cov(W+X,Y+Z) \text{Cov}(W + X, Y + Z)

II. Cov(Y+Z,W+X) \text{Cov}(Y + Z, W + X)

III. Cov(W,X+Y+Z) \text{Cov}(W, X + Y + Z)

IV. Cov(W,X+Y+Z) \text{Cov}(W, X + Y + Z) , if it known that W W and X X are independent


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