Daily Chemistry Problems for JEE - Day 2

Chemistry Level 2

An optically active compound (A), \(C_3H_7O_2N\) forms a hydrochloride but dissolves in water to give a neutral solution. On heating with soda lime, (A) yields \(C_2H_7N\) (B).

Both (A) and (B) react with \(NaNO_2\) and dilute HCl, the former yields a compound (C) \(C_3H_6O_3\), which on heating is converted to (D), \(C_6H_8O_4\) while the latter yields (E), \(C_2H_6O\).

In (A) the type of carbon to which N is attached is \(z^{0}\). The value of z is:

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