Daily Chemistry Problems for JEE - Day 3

Chemistry Level 2

Equal volumes of following solutions are mixed, in which case will the pH of resulting solution be average value of pH of the two solutions ?

  1. pH\(=3(HNO_3)\) and pH\(=5(HNO_3)\)

  2. pH\(=2(HNO_3)\) and pH\(=12(KOH)\)

  3. pH\(=4.5(CH_3COOH)\) and pH\(=9.5(NH_3)\), Given: \(K_a(CH_3COOH)=K_b(NH_4OH)\)

  4. pH\(=3(HCN)\) and pH\(=11(NaOH)\), Given:\(K_a(HCN)=10^{-10}\)

Details: There can be multiple correct answers. If your answer is choice 1,2 and 3 then type your answer as 123 (choices must be in ascending order).

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