Alternating cipher

Computer Science Level pending

Suppose RFMTD is encoded to SENSE according to an alternating substitution, how is MATH IS FUN encoded under the same cipher?


  • An alternating substitution \(M_n\) makes, for instance, the following mapping

\[\begin{align} M_2(\textrm{a})& \rightarrow \textrm{y} \\ M_2(\textrm{b})& \rightarrow \textrm{d} \\ M_2(\textrm{c})& \rightarrow \textrm{a} \\ M_2(\textrm{d})& \rightarrow \textrm{f} \\ M_2(\textrm{e})& \rightarrow \textrm{c} \\ &\ldots \\ M_2(\textrm{z})& \rightarrow \textrm{b} \end{align}\]

In general, \(n\) can be any integer, positive or negative.


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