Do you know my Phone number?

During a talk with Aditya Raut on slack, Aditya asked Mehul for his phone number. Mehul tried to play a trick with Aditya, he gave Aditya some hints about his phone number:

  • In my phone number, none of the digit repeats.

  • It is a 1010 digit number.

  • The first nn digits of that number. are divisible by nn. For example: first 55 digits are divisible by 55, first 66 digits are divisible by 66 and so on.

  • First digit is not 00.

  • All the digits are positive integers.

After some time Mehul got a call from Aditya, which signified that Aditya has conquered Mehul's trick(although it was very easy for Aditya, being a genious).

Now it's your turn Brilliantians, just go for it .and find my secret Phone number


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