Do you know its property ?-12

Calculus Level 4

Statement-1 : \(e^{\pi}>\pi^e\)

Statement-2 : The curves \(y^2=4ax\) and \(x^2=4by\) intersect at \(90^{\circ}\) at some point.

Statement-3 : \(f(x)= \begin{cases} x+1, \quad -1 \leq x <0 \\ 0, \quad \quad \quad \quad x=0 \\ x-1, \quad \quad 0 <x \leq 1 \end{cases}\).

The absolute maximum value of \(f(x)\) is \(1\) on the closed interval \([ -1,1]\)

Statement-4 : The curves \(xy=4\) and \(x^2+y^2=8\) never touch each other.

Which of the above statements are false ?

You can try more such problems of the set Do you know its property ?


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