Do you know its property ? -9

Algebra Level 4

Which of the following conditions make the function f(x)=sin(ax)+cos(bx)f(x)=\sin(ax) +\cos(bx) periodic?

A. a=3π2,b=πa=\frac{3\pi}{2},b=\pi

B. a=3,b=53a=\sqrt{3},b=5\sqrt{3}

C. a=32,b=23a=3\sqrt{2},b=2\sqrt{3}

D. a,bRa,b \in\mathbb{R}

E. f(x)f(x) is not periodic if a,bQa,b \notin\mathbb{Q}

Note: R\mathbb{R} is the set of Real Numbers and Q\mathbb{Q} is the set of Rational Numbers.

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