Do You Love to see the circus?

Algebra Level pending

A circus party has same number of \(Lions\) as \(Tigers.\) You asked to the owner of the circus the number of \(lions\) and \( tigers.\) The owner was a very funny person and he gave you the following information :

\((i)\)\( An\) \( elephant \) is enough to feed all the \(tigers\) and \(lions\) in the circus.

\((ii)\) \(18\) deer produce the same amount of meat as \(an\) \(elephant\) does.

\((iii)\) A \(Lion\) eats \(twice\) as a \(Tiger\).

\((iv)\) \(1\) \(buffalo\) is enough to feed a \(Lion\) and a \(Tiger\).

\((v)\) A \(Tiger\) will eat exactly the same amount of meat a \(deer\) has.

Find the number of \(Tigers\) and \(Lions\) in that circus party.


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