Don't panic

A scuba diver is originally neutrally bouyant (she just floats without moving) 20 m below the surface of the ocean. She's enjoying photographing a wreck in nice 20 degrees Celsius water when her air hose catches on a piece of wreckage, puncturing it. 10 L of gas (assume it's all \(N_2\) with mass 28 g/mol for ease of calculation) escapes from her tank before she can clamp the hole. After the gas has escaped, what is the net force on the diver?

Details and assumptions

  • You may take the density of ocean water to be \(1025~kg/m^3\).
  • Atmospheric pressure is 101325 Pa.
  • R is 8.314 J/(mol K).
  • The acceleration due to gravity is \(-9.8~m/s^2\).

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