Don't skip this problem

Jake is excited about his newly purchased LP and decides to play it immediately on his turntable. However, as soon as he starts playing it, the needle begins to skip! However, he knows a quick remedy for this: he puts an eraser on top of the stylus, which prevents the needle from skipping. Ahh, soothing music.

Why does the needle cease to skip after weighing it down?

A: By increasing the weight, the opposing normal force is increased and so the kinetic friction is increased, since kinetic friction is proportional to normal force.

B: The eraser is positively charged, and induces a positive charge on the needle, which eliminates the repulsion between the normally negative needle and the negatively charged vinyl surface.

C: The eraser makes the needle stay in that fixed position in space, while the turntable platter rotates the LP, making it play smoothly.


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