Donut run

Algebra Level 2

Zack is on a donut run. He walks into the shop and sees the menu.

                                Chocolate:   1$
                                 Plain:              50¢
                                 Jelly-Filled    1.50$
                                  Frosted:         Add 50¢
                                  Sprinkles:      Add 50¢

His friends sent him with 15$ to get breakfast.
Toby wants two chocolate donuts, both with sprinkles.
Amy told him to get a chocolate frosted for her.
Dave said he wanted a plain donut, but with frosting and sprinkles.
Mark asked for a frosted plain donut, and two jelly-filled.
Bob wants a jelly donut.
Zack himself wants a two chocolates, one with sprinkles and one without.
Will Zack have enough money for all this?


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