Double Quadruple Runners

In a marathon, there are 8 runners: 2 of them are wearing yellow shirt, 2 of them are wearing red shirt, 2 of them are wearing blue shirt, 2 of them are wearing green shirt.

At the finish line, their configuration is as follows:
- 1 runner between the red pairs,
- 2 runners between the blue pairs,
- 3 runners between the green pairs,
- 4 runners between the yellow pairs.

If we know that the last runner wore a yellow shirt, can you tell what colors all the runners are wearing (from fastest to slowest)?

Details and Assumptions:
- Denote 1,2,3,41,2,3,4 as the runners wearing red, blue, green, yellow shirt respectively.
- If you think the arrangement (from fastest to slowest) is: Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Green, Red, then submit your answer as 44212331.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Peter van der Sluijs.

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