"Drifting" is a method of turning in a car race. After starting the turn, the driver sharply turns the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the turn. The rear wheels, powered by the engine, continue to spin fast while the car's rear slides out from the center of the turn.

In the figure below, the driver is drifting out of a right turn, and the steering wheel is turned to the left. What should the driver do next to finish the turn and go straight?

  1. Turn the steering wheel to the right. That will line up the front wheels with the rear wheels and make the car go straight.
  2. Turn the steering wheel more to the left. That will create a torque on the car that stops the car's rotation around the vertical axis.
  3. Keep the steering wheel steady and step on the gas more strongly to get a larger forward force from the rear wheels.
  4. Keep the steering and the gas unchanged and hope for the best.

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