Easy Qualitative Analysis

Chemistry Level 3

A coloured compound AA reacts with dilute H2SO4\text{H}_{2}\text{SO}_{4} to produce a colourless gas BB and a colourless solution CC.

The reaction between BB and acidified K2Cr2O7\text{K}_{2}\text{Cr}_{2}\text{O}_{7} solution produces a green solution and a slightly yellowish precipitate DD.

The substance DD burns in air to produce a gas EE which can also change the colour of K2Cr2O7\text{K}_{2}\text{Cr}_{2}\text{O}_{7} solution.

When the colourless solution CC reacts with Pb3O4/H+\text{Pb}_{3}\text{O}_{4} / \text{H}^{+}, the solution acquires a violet red colour due to the formation of a substance. What is this substance?


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