Einstein's puzzle

Logic Level 3

Mr and Mrs Tan have five children - four boys and one girl. Just as they each have a different favourite colour, they also each have a different type of phobia. In addition, they each wear a different type of bottom clothing and keep a different kind of pet.

The following 15 facts tell us more about the five children:

  1. Brenda's favourite colour is red.
  2. Eric owns a dog.
  3. Darius has a phobia of butterflies.
  4. The green lover has a phobia of junk food.
  5. The green lover is immediately older than the white lover.
  6. The one who wears hot pants rears birds.
  7. The yellow lover wears cargo shorts.
  8. The middle child has a phobia of loud motorbikes.
  9. Charles is the oldest.
  10. The one who wears cargo shorts is consecutive siblings with the one who owns a horse.
  11. The one who wears bermudas is consecutive siblings with the one who owns cats.
  12. The one who has a phobia of sharks is consecutive siblings with the one who wears bermudas.
  13. The one who wears blue jeans has a phobia of heights.
  14. Charles is consecutive siblings with the blue lover.
  15. Alfred wears slacks.

If one of the five also owns a fish, who is it?


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