Electric Field at axis of Cylinder!

Electricity and Magnetism Level 4

A non-conducting solid cylindrical rod of length \(L\) and radius \(R\) has uniformly distributed charge \(Q\). Find the electric field at point \(P\), a distance \(L\) from the center of the rod.

If \(\large E = \frac{Q}{a \pi R^b L \epsilon_0}[ L+(\frac{L^c}{d} +R^e)^{f} - (\frac{gL^h}{i} +R^j)^{k} ]\)

then, Find the sum of \((a+b+c+d+e+f+g+h+i+j+k)\).

Note : Fractions (ex \(\dfrac 7 4 \), \(\dfrac 3 2\)) must not be simplified and written as \(\frac{1.75}{1} , \frac{1.5}{1}\)


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