Elliptical cage

A ball is thrown with some velocity \(v\) along MA inside an elliptical cage the ball strikes the wall of the cage and rebound and again strike at B.

Answer the following questions

1) It will strike A 'N' times (excluding 1st one)

2)It will strike B 'S' times (excluding 1st one)

3)It always pass through a fixed pt between every 2 collisions.

1)'E'=0(if above statement is true)

2)'E'=1 (if above statement is false)

4) It will follow the path at t---->00

1)along major axis('P'=1)

2)along minor axis('P'=2)

3)along MA ('P'=3)


1)coordinates of m(-3,0)

2)This one is original



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