Consider a cylindrical region containing a magnetic field.

The field is directed into the plane of the screen and is changing at a constant rate K (K>0)

A metallic rod (AB) is placed as shown, at a distance d from the center. The length of the rod is L.

(O is not connected to the rod, just ignore the vertical line from O to the rod)

The rod is completely contained within the circle.

Find the potential difference between points B and A when the net electric field in the rod becomes zero.

i.e find, VBVA{ V }_{ B }-{ V }_{ A }


  • d = 2 m

  • L = 2m

  • K = 1

  • If your answer is negative (say, negative 3) write it as -3


Scalar potential is defined for one type of electric field only.


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