Energetic Electrons

In atoms, electrons jump between energy levels, and they absorb or radiate energy in the form of light (photons). An electron falls to a lower energy level when it radiates a photon, and jumps to a higher energy level when it absorbs a photon.

Find the wavelength of the photon that radiates when an electron jumps from the n=3n = 3 energy level down to the n=2n = 2 energy level. Where is this photon in the electromagnetic spectrum?


  • hh (Planck's constant) = 4.14×10154.14 \times 10^-15 eV s.
  • cc (Speed of light) = 3×1083 \times 10^8 m/s.
  • All values are approximate.
  • Assume that this is a hydrogen atom.

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