Enthalpy change in reaction

Chemistry Level 2

If 23 grams of ethanol, CX2 HX5OH(l)\ce{C2 H5OH}(l) is fully combusted, 683.4 kJ683.4\text{ kJ} of heat is generated. The thermochemical equation for this reaction is as follows:

CX2HX5OH(l)+3OX2(g)2COX2(g)+3HX2O(l) \ce{C2H5OH}(l) + 3\ce{O2}(g) \ce{->} 2\ce{CO2}(g) + 3\ce{H2O}(l)

Find the value of ΔH\Delta H in terms of kJ/mol\text{kJ/mol}.

You are given that the molecular weight of CX2 HX5OH(l)\ce{C2 H5OH}(l) is 46.


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