Equilibrium \equiv Rate Of Forward == Backward Reaction

Chemistry Level 3

NHX4COONHX2X  (s) 2NHX3X  (g)+COX2X  (g)\large \ce{NH4COONH2_{~~(s)} \rightleftharpoons 2NH3_{~~(g)} + CO2_{~~(g)}}

For the above reaction, NHX4COONHX2\ce{NH4COONH2} is placed in a closed vessel and equilibrium is attained. Let the total pressure of the system be P1P_1.

After the reaction attains equilibrium, some NHX3\ce{NH3} is added to the system in such a way that after equilibrium is attained, PNHX3P_{\ce{NH3}} equals P1P_1. Let the total pressure of the system after equilibrium is attained again be P2P_2.

What is the ratio P2P1\dfrac{P_2}{P_1} ?


  • PgasP_\text{gas} represents the partial pressure of the gas.

  • The temperature of the gas remains constant.


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