Escape The Room Challenge

Logic Level 2

You are trapped in a small room with 4 walls. Each wall has a button that is either in an OFF/ON setting though you have no way of telling what the setting is.

When you press a button, you change its setting. If you can get all the buttons to have the same setting i.e. either all four are OFF or all four are ON, you are immediately set free.

In each move, you can press either two buttons simultaneously or just one button. As soon as this occurs, if you haven't been set free, the whole room spins around you violently, leaving you completely disoriented so that you can never tell which side is which.

The starting position is completely at random (except not all four OFF or all four ON). Given any and every possible scenario, using optimal strategy, what is the least number of Moves needed to unquestionably guarantee escape from the room?


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