Ethene Reaction Schematic

Chemistry Level 2

\(Directions:\) Starting with ethene, follow the reaction scheme above. Match each letter with the best major product label represented in the list below. Each label is paired with a number. Your answer should be the number associated with \(ABCDEFG\). For example, if \(A\) is an simple alkane and \(B\) is a diol, the first two digits of your answer will be \(12\). \[List:\] \[1:\text{Simple Alkane} \\ 2:\text{Diol(di-alcohol)} \\ 3:\text{Dial(di-aldehyde)} \\ 4:\text{Alkyne} \\ 5:\text{Halohydrin} \\ 6:\text{Dihalide} \\ 7:\text{Epoxide} \] \(Hint:\) Each label is used only once


  • alc. stands for alcohol

  • PCC stands for Pyridinium Chlorochromate

  • m-CPBA stands for meta-Chloro Peroxybenzoic acid

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