Exploring electromagnetism 1!

\(PQ\) is an infinite conductor carrying a current \(I\). \(AB\) and \(CD\) are smooth conducting rods on which a conductor \(EF\) moves with constant velocity \(v\) as shown. The resistance of the resistor is \(R\).

Find the magnitude of force in Newton needed to maintain constant speed of \(EF\).

Details and assumptions:

  • \(I=10\text{ A}\)
  • \(b = 20\text{ m}\)
  • \(a = 2\text{ m}\)
  • \(v = 10\frac{\text{m}}{\text{s}}\)
  • \(R=10\;\Omega\)
  • Take the volumetric susceptibility of the medium surrounding the system to be 0.
  • Multiply the magnitude of force by \(10^{12}\) and then report the answer.
  • Give answer to 3 decimal places.

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