Fasten your belts, part II

Classical Mechanics Level pending

A horizontal platform has radius \(r\) and is spinning with angular velocity \(\omega\) in relation to an inertial frame. Suppose \(\omega r << c\). According to general relativity, any accelerated frame of reference may be compared to a frame of reference that is subjected to a gravitational field. Then, if \(\overrightarrow{\mathrm{F}}(r)\) is the centripetal force an object feels while on the platform, it may be associated with a potential field \(\varphi(r)\). So

\[ \frac{\Delta t(r)}{\Delta t(0)} \approx A + \frac{\varphi(r)}{Bc^{2}} \]

where \(\Delta t(r)\) is the time that passes for an observer at a distance \(r\) from the center of the platform.

What is \(A + B\)?


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