Find the force of interaction - 2

Electricity and Magnetism Level 3

Find the electrostatic force of interaction between two parallel non conducting wires each of length \(l\) , charge density per unit length \(\lambda\), and separated by a distance \(d\).

Give your answer as the value of this force in \(\text{ Newtons }\) using \( \lambda = 10 \mu \text{C/ m}\), \( l = 1 \text{m} \), \(\text{ d = 1m }, \frac{1}{4 \pi \epsilon_{0} } = 9 \times 10^9\text{ N } m^2/ C^2 \)


The wires completely face each other (like if their equations were \(0 \leq x \leq L, y,z= 0\) and \(0 \leq x \leq L, y= d, z=0\))


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