Find the murderer!

Logic Level 3

A recent murder case centered around the six men, Clayton, Forbes, Graham, Holgate, McFee, and Warren. In one order or another these men were the victim, the murderer, the witness, the policeman, the judge, and the hangman. The facts of the case were simple. The victim had died instantly from the effect of a gunshot wound inflicted at close range. The witness did not see the crime committed, but swore to hearing an altercation followed by a shot. After a lengthy trial the murderer was convicted, sentenced to death, and hanged.

  • McFee knew both the victim and the murderer.

  • In court the judge asked Clayton to give his account of the shooting.

  • Warren was the last of the six to see Forbes alive.

  • The policeman testified that he picked up Graham near the place where the body was found.

  • Holgate and Warren never met.

So who was the murderer?

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